Exercising For Women – Small Steps To Healthy

https://pixabay.com/en/physiotherapy-weight-training-595529/Women have a lot to juggle and the most exercise that we can get in is from running around getting things done. Eating a healthy and balanced diet may assist in keeping the body running but exercise gives it that extra boost. Most women all have their go-to exercise routine that they can tolerate for a few minutes of breaking a sweat.  

Now ladies, we all know that we tend to gravitate towards the more aerobic type of exercises which don’t require a lot of work and steer clear of all the ones we need the most; strength training. You probably want to know how the intense exercises are beneficial for the body. Well ladies, strength training significantly reduces the risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  

Traditionally, most people go to a gym to do their strength training but not everyone has the time to go out there and lift weights. Exercising at home is a great way of saving on gym costs and you are free to workout at home at your own pace.  
How to strength train at home:
Overhead squat


Push ups

Chair dips

Jump squat
The hard work that comes with strength training definitely has its benefits in the long run. The light work exercises are fun and quite easy to get through, adding strength training by lifting some weights will decrease health risks. It’s better to do something than doing nothing at all, so adding something like Pilates is the best step to incorporating strength training while still enjoying aerobic exercise.
By: Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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