5 Dos & Don’ts of Cancelling Plans 


Socialising is a big part of life, the intent is to hangout and have a good time with friends. Sometimes it’s hard to fulfil plans made because you are just not up to them. It’s not easy letting your friends down by cancelling to meet up, but sometimes you really are tired or just not in the mood to socialise. We all live busy lives with work and family and afternoon the best at home watching a Being Mary Jane marathon may just be what one needs to escape reality and unwind.

Introverts try to shy away from going out much because the pressure to socialise can get overwhelming. Not everyone wants to be out and wishing they were home instead. But let’s look past the introvert and get real about how one handles cancelling plans with their friends, do you lie to get out of going somewhere? Many people do! It feels justifiable to just spin a lie instead of telling the truth when cancelling. This usually happens because people no one wants to hurt their friend’s feelings so lying candy coats the blow. Lying is not the only option for cancelling, there are a few dos and don’ts that you anyone can use to get out of plans.

The 5 dos and don’ts of gracefully cancelling plans:

  • Do – mention how you wish you could be there.
  • Dont – going ghost on your friends is not a good idea, it could cause worry or anger.
  • Do – try to inform your friends a little in advance that you are unable to come.
  • Dont – cancel at the last minute unless you really have an urgent situation.
  • Do – always offer an alternative when you cancel, sort of a “make up.”
  • Dont – be inconsiderate by blowing off your friends plans for something “better” then posting it all over social media.
  • Do – If you’re going to lie atleast make the lie realistic, you don’t want any bad karma.
  • Dont – cancel on the same person repeatedly and lie all the time why.
  • Do – be sincere and be honest when you really need to be alone on the day of the plans.
  • Dont – cancel really important plans for your friends, they will never forget it.

Sometimes a white lie doesn’t hurt when you are cancelling, but be sure to never be caught up in the lie.  Moods change all the time so don’t be hard on yourself if you’re just not up to being out and about.


By:  Zanele Mash




Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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