Style – To Share Or Not To Share?

fashion-show-1746602_1920Have you ever gone to a party or just to work and everyone admires your outfit the whole time?  Being complimented for your style is great, makes you feel good and increases confidence levels.  Everyone has a unique style and dresses in ways that are best to them. Although fashion plays a big role in individual style, not everyone walking down the street will look the same.
There is nothing more embarrassing than walking into a room and someone else is dressed exactly like you.  So how do you feel when a person asks you where you bought a particular item of your outfit? Do you share or just tell a lie and claim to not remember?
There are women who freely share where they bought they’re entire outfit because it feels like a compliment to them.  Then we have other women that will tell a lie mainly because they don’t want someone else dressing like them.  Both these decisions are personal and shouldn’t be shot down, and personal style cannot be completely copied.  We are fortunately all made differently and what looks good on me may not look the same on you.
I believe sharing is caring, you have absolutely nothing to lose by doing it.
By:  Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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