5 Signs You’re Crushing Too Hard and Missing The Red Flags


Love will make you do crazy things, it can also make you miss potential red flags that you may miss when you are infatuated.
Not every relationship starts off on the wrong foot, in fact, most of them are great in the beginning stages.

You meet a guy who is potentially perfect and ticks all the right boxes, but the people close to you don’t really see him the same way you do.  Chances are you are crushing too hard and missing the red flags.  There may be things that the guy you are falling for does that make you question their character.  Things like being rude to restaurant staff or boundary-pushing behaviour.

If you feel like your new partner is a bit too good to be true and has small things that make you raise an eyebrow, then you should look out for these common red flags.

Significant family and friends don’t like your partner

People who love you will most likely be the first to pick up the odd behaviour of the new person in your life. Of course, they will be in protective mode and could be wrong, but it is concerning when all of them don’t like your new boyfriend.

Controlling behavior and approval seeking

Does he make small comments about your outfit or appearance, or he puts down all your suggestions because his ideas are better? Do you find yourself constantly second-guessing yourself and seeking approval from him? Such things should make you question if his controlling or do you genuinely believe his doing what’s best for you.

Lack of communication

This doesn’t necessarily mean no communication at all, it means when someone purposely omits certain information that they shouldn’t have a problem sharing.

Lack of trust

This comes after a lack of communication when he lies about things that he has no reason to. What is a relationship without trust? You should be asking yourself if that’s something you want to have as an obstacle going forward?

Making Excuses To Justify Your Partner’s Behaviour

The most uncomfortable and most telling red flag has to be this one. When you find yourself having to always justify why your partner is rude or treats you a particularly bad way in public then it’s a big problem. This is not a positive sign to a great relationship.

Always trust your gut, when you find yourself saying “Maybe it’s just this once or his a really nice guy and I should look past this one” then it’s best to hit the exit button.  You should never put yourself in a position where you are divided, when you go into a relationship it should be wholly fulfilling.
By:  Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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