Is Your Hair A Security Blanket?

girl-1245835_1920Women are different all over the world, but the one thing we all share in common is our pride in our hair.  Women wear their hair as their crown and this is why we keep our hair healthy and looking good.  Once we have achieved growing it, particularly black women, we nurture that length and almost attach it to who we are.  Have you struggled with making decisions when it comes to your hair, or you find it hard to even fathom the thought of cutting it? The effort we put into our hair has become a part of our daily routine.  Cutting our hair is a well thought out decision, its never an easy one either.
Not all women have issues with cutting their hair, some find it easy to let go while others can’t imagine not having a long mane.  I’ve often wondered why women place so much emotion on hair and have real anxiety over the thought of hair loss; is hair a security blanket of some sort? Do we fear to lose our confidence and good looks if we let go of it? Does your hair define you or do you define your hair?
Most Women have made hair a part of their identity due to the fact that it’s attached to many memories or experiences in their lives. For other women, chopping off their hair after letting it grow out is their way of letting go of certain memories. So, is it safe to say that to some women hair isn’t just hair and there are real reasons why it is hard to let go of it?   Hair grows back and we all know this, but a lot of women still aren’t open to cutting it off or drastically switching it up. Because we have attached so much to hair, it’s become an emotional and physical security blanket for us.
By:  Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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