Morning Routine Tips That Encourage Productivity you ever paid attention to your morning routine? Are you aware of the details of how your day begins? Do you have your coffee and breakfast first, while you start working or after getting the days work started? We all have our own way of ensuring productivity for the morning, some prefer delays and have a particular time they actually begin working and others dive right into it. How you start your day actually does outline how the rest of your day will be, people aren’t the same so it’s fair to say our productivity levels will differ. We all can’t have it all together, so is there a solution for those that can’t seem to plan an efficient morning?

Making sure that you start of the day with the right enthusiasm and productivity levels is highly recommended for the workplace. If you work in an open plan office it’s easy to get distracted by chats and other noises around the office. It is often recommended that you get to work and start working to avoid the distractions but it’s just not that easy. Nothing is as worse as the day going by, then finding that you didn’t do enough work for that day. The following tips will ensure that you are prepared for each morning and will ensure that you are productive the rest of the day, even when distractions come up.
Here’s what to do for more productive mornings:

  • Make a list of the first few things you want to do for that day soon as you sit at your desk.
  • Don’t open your emails until noon. Set a time to handle all your emails, go through them and flag the ones that require urgent attention and respond within that set time.
  • Leave social media for when you take a break after getting some work done.
  • For creatives it’s best to manage your energy than your time, arrange tasks according to what you can handle in the mornings when you’re feeling fresh.
  • Prepare the night before, write a short list and see how much time you can save the following day on tasks.

The power of a morning routine can truly make your days more productive. The more consistent you are with the routine the better you get out of it. If you struggle in the beginning, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

By: Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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