Should A Plus One Be Someone The Bride & Groom Know?

Compiling a guest list for your wedding day is definitely a well thought out process. Not only is it a personal matter, but also financial. The bride and groom invite people who are near and dear to them to celebrate one of the best days of their lives, it's highly unlikely a stranger will make the cut. Due to a wedding being an intimate and auspicious occasion, the bride and groom have every right to have rules on who is welcome and who isn't.

Most guests understand that it makes sense to bring a date that is actually a long term partner to a wedding. The invitation will clearly state if you're permitted to bringing an additional person, or the invite is exclusively for one person. Although it is uncomfortable being alone at a wedding, it does not justify brining someone who doesn't know the bride and groom or vice versa. Being respectful and honoring an invite means following the details to the tee.

If you are a dear friend to the bridal couple and started seeing someone after you have received the invite, then what? The rules don't change because your lovelife did, meaning that you have to make a hard choice. Ofcourse, your first thought is to call up the couple and ask them if you can bring your new partner. This is really not a good idea as it puts pressure on the couple. They will agree because you mean so much to them and they would rather have you attend the wedding with someone new than you not showing up at all.

Weddings cost alot of money and when the bridal couple is set on a number it's only appropriate to honor that as a guest. It is also considerate to just do as they ask for their special day, rather come alone and mingle.

By: Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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