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Welcoming Winter*

It’s getting harder to get up and colder to leave the house, winter is officially upon us and so is Youth Month! As the weather gets colder, so are the chilling news of young women and girls getting killed almost

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6 Tips To Keep Motivated at Work

Are you demotivated at work? Read up on how to keep yourself motivated at work.

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Is Your Hair A Security Blanket?

Women are different all over the world, but the one thing we all share in common is our pride in our hair.  Women wear their hair as their crown and this is why we keep our hair healthy and looking

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Love At First Sight – Is It A Real Thing?

Is Love At first Sight Real?

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Editors Note

The month of May is one that’s filled with overall love and appreciation for women who are mothers. We celebrate Mothers Day on the 14th May 2017 and with the winter season breaking in, I’m sure that it will be

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5 Signs You’re Crushing Too Hard and Missing The Red Flags

Love will make you do crazy things, it can also make you miss potential red flags that you may miss when you are infatuated. Not every relationship starts off on the wrong foot, in fact, most of them are great

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Style – To Share Or Not To Share?

Would you share where you bought your outfit?

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