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Editors Note – Its March Already!

Women Celebrating Life!

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Editors Note – Hello 2017, Let’s Play!

Compliments of the New Season Ladies😊 The freshness of a new year is something everyone feels, irrespective of how the previous year actually ended. Everyone is pretty much in high spirits and geared up to start moulding their year ahead.

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Is Setting Boundaries in a Relationship Necessary?

I came across a really interesting article by Destiny Connect this morning, it was about setting boundaries in a relationship. I tried to break it down below with my understanding. New relationships are often very whimsical in the beginning; your

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Spring In 2016

So we are well into spring and I for have not felt like its spring.  We have cold days inbetween which completely confuses me because usually this is a time we go out for picnics in shorts.  Uncertainty is sparked

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What Is Toxic Shock Syndrome?

The monthly visitor women have is never really welcome but much appreciated sometimes. Most women are lucky enough to not have menstrual pains at the beginning of their periods, and some, are just unfortunate and get the worst end of

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Editors Note*

Hello November! This time of the year most of us are assessing all the things that took place in the year. We are also trying to tie up loose ends and fast rack the goal list that we forgot about

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16 Things No One Tells You About Being A Young Mom

Watching Barney reruns and changing nappies isn’t exactly exciting. But in all honesty, your life doesn’t need to stop when you have a child in your early 20’s. I think what young women think is the end of their lives

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