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The Influence Of A Cheating Friend

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20-Feel Free!

Fresh into a new year and haven’t spotted anyone mention resolutions? Does this mean we are past the whole idea or just decided to become a bit more realistic in our goal setting for the year? Well these are questions

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Editors Note: Tis’ The Season

It is finally the end of the year and reflections are slowly but surely taking place in each persons life. We all have to live this time of the year though because a magnified sense of appreciation for family and

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Editors Note

There’s something about the sun shining brightly on a nice summer day that just makes a person happy. Moods in summer are usually pleasant, meaning that a lot more get togethers pop up making everything and everyone even more merrier.

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Editors Note: Colour

The weather has not been playing nice at all this year. Every other day we are thrown back into winter like it never even left! I have to say though that when Spring decides to show up it leaves us

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Fashion: 11 Things Every Fashionable Woman Should Have By 30

Your 20’s are a time for style, career and love experimentation, but when a woman enters her 30s she should have a certain number of things that represent her uniquely. A Classic Shoe Whether your a girl whose about

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From Him To Her: The Ex Factor

Men find it hard to accept that his lady could still be friends with her ex. In their explanation as to why it can’t be, they claim they are guys and know that it’s not only a friendship the ex

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