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5 Things Every Woman Must Have Realised At 25

Reaching the quarter century milestone comes with a great deal of growth for young women; it is the time we actually realise that we are 100% adult.  At 25 most young ladies are working and making their own money, have

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5 Ways to Start the Year ´╗┐Right

A new year comes with so much excitement and expectation; everyone wants to kick-start the new year in a positive way. Making a difference this year compared to the last is the main objective as this will prove growth and

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Self Analysis: Imposter Syndrome

A lot of people have that small little voice that stems from self doubt inside them. Meaning that there’s a part of you that does not believe in your successes and doubts your abilities. These type of people are suffering

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Reality: Growing Up With Two Kids

Teenage pregnancy is a worldwide epidemic. It is no longer a taboo these days for a 17 year old to be a mother. At the rate that kids are having kids, the best way to deal with this epidemic is

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The Girls: What’s Friendship To You?

Every person has their own views and opinions on life and it’s ways. The relationships we get involved in are a reflection of the type of people we are or want to be in a sense. Time invested in these

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