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Is Saving Possible In This Day?

Life seems to be getting expensive with every year. We find ourselves struggling to set aside money as the standard of living just keeps evolving. Maintaining a lifestyle has become superior to living within your means. I’ve heard people say

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Would You Marry For Money, Let’s Be Honest?

A lovely home in the suburbs, a cute car, lunches with the ladies at a hotel or restaurant in Rosebank or Hydepark are the goals young women want to achieve. Financial stability and security are a priority in a woman’s

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Prenup Breakdown: To Get One or Not?

Plenty of women have somewhat of an idea what a Prenup is by now with all the reality shows we watch on television these days. It is obvious that a lot of people see it as a betrayal of trust

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Relationships: Money Talk

Money is perceived as the root of all evil and in relationships that evil shows up once too often. Many couples often decide once they are comfortable to be open about and share their finances as this would make life

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