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Types Of Sex You Have In Your 20s?

I came across an article about the 12 types of sex a person has in their twenties. After reading this I wonder how many people can actually relate? Sex where you leave right after the deed because you like your

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Masturbation.. Still Taboo?

Assuming we are living in a time where nothing can be considered taboo anymore, I wonder if women fit in a conversation about self pleasure. Is it still embarrassing to mention that you touch yourself? Or is it something you

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Are Quickies Good For Your Relationship?

Once in a lifetime we have all had some sort of quickie. Just to be on the adventurous side, you and your partner would just steal a moment away from the world to be intimate. Fast sex may seem unromantic,

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Sex Is Definitely Important In A Relationship

It is believed that many women have said that sex shouldn’t define a relationship. This might be true, but let it be known that sex is very much an important factor in a relationship and its growth. In fact it’s

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