Editors Note*

Hello November!
This time of the year most of us are assessing all the things that took place in the year. We are also trying to tie up loose ends and fast rack the goal list that we forgot about during the year. I am personally trying to start afresh with my life at this time of the year. Dwelling in what has happened or what changed in my life during 2015 is no longer a concern, I’ve literally swept it out the door. Reflection is always a good thing but how depressing is it to sit down and relive all the bad that took place and trying to understand it all over again? Of course reflection isn’t just about the bad, a world of good has probably also taken place, highlights of the year should remain motivation for the following year. Nothing is scarier and more courageous than getting out of your comfort zone when you know you are bound to fall flat on your face at the first attempt. I’m willing to take the change in my life with all the bitter and sweet moments that I’m going to experience. 2016 is going to be a year of rebirth for many people, a year of growth and plenty success stories. I have always been a person who was blinded by fear, but no more will I live hiding behind it anymore. Ladies make the following year the year you make your breakthrough, push yourself to achieve even if it’s the smallest thing, do it!  

Love & Light 


Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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